#meatlessmondayToday is Monday. Good opportunity to attend to our body. Remember that it is not only to stop ingesting anything that intoxicates your body (sugar, excess fat, etc.) but also to supply the necessary nutrients for all systems to activate and function properly.
Last time we shared about the properties of pumpkin. Today let's look at the potential of the Pineapple Shell. Let's start by saying that pineapple is a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C and manganese, and despite being so sweet it only provides 80 calories out of 100 grams.
It is a mistake to think that from vegetables and fruits we can only take advantage of their pulp, this is because we do not know that a large vitamin material hides in their skin or peel. By virtue of this, do you think ... that then the fruit can be fully used instead of discarding its skin, in addition, it is unfortunate all the fruit that is lost because it remains attached to the skin.
Among the benefits of the pineapple rind we have:
1.- Strengthens our immune system. In these times, where health is a priority, it is very important to prepare a pineapple infusion. Instead of supplying so many chemicals to the body.
2. It is anticancer. Did you know that meat preservatives are highly carcinogenic.
3. Prevents premature aging. Very important to maintain healthy skin.
4. It is highly anti-inflammatory, because it is an effective diuretic and burns body fat.
5. Strengthens our teeth and bones. Goodbye to osteoporosis.
6.- The bromelain in the pineapple shell can prevent the formation of blood clots and can help people who sit for a long time.
It is very easy to prepare.
First clean it and wash it very well.
You need a liter of water, the peel of the pineapple with a little of its fruit. Boil the water and add the pieces of pineapple rind and the pieces of pulp. Boil for 10 minutes. Let it rest, strain and drink. You can also take it cold.