Meditate at home

#meditation It is known to all that because of the pandemic we cannot be attending places or habitual centers to practice meditation, nor to open sites such as the sea, fields and mountains because of the restrictions to go out.
Faced with the situation we can not surrender and stop meditating, because this therapy helps us drain the stress and anxiety that we are currently experiencing.
A very particular recommendation I can give you is that when you return from work, prepare in your favorite room a pleasant atmosphere to meditate. You can do it by lighting incense with lavender or cinnamon scent or with aromatic herbs, the burning of herbs is common in almost all ancestral cultures and its smells give us good energy, promote relaxation and improve our mood.
Meditating at least 15 to 20 minutes in the favorite room of the house, with natural aromas or incense sure help us reduce tensions, release stress and prepare our body for a pleasant rest, generating a feeling of calm that prepares us to continue with an enthusiastic and happy life.