Mediterranean vegetables from the oven: vegetarian/ gluten-free

Here I am again with a delicious casserole that can make even the biggest kitchen clumps!

Required for 4 people:

- 4 large carrots
- 1 red bell pepper
- 2 red onions
- 1 clove of garlic or garlic paste

- 1 zucchini
- 1 can of tomato cubes
- herbs of your choice (basil, oregano...)
- grated cheese that you like.

<- I was also pretty mild with these herbs.

- Cut the top row of vegetables into small pieces and stew them in a pan with some olive oil. These are the vegetables that need the most cooking time. Otherwise they stay too hard. (see picture above)

- While they stew, cut the zucchini into small pieces.
- Don't forget to stir in your pan every now and then!

- Take a casserole, grease it with olive oil and arrange the zucchini over the bottom.

- Pour the can of tomato cubes over it.
- Stir everything together.

- When the other vegetables are tender, you can also scoop them.

- If you use garlic paste, you can add it here.

- Stir everything well and season regularly.

- Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

- Put the dish in an oven preheated at 180 °C for 25 minutes. Take a look at it every now and then. One oven is not the other. Your cheese should be golden brown.


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