Every now and then I browse through the photo folders aimlessly. Not looking for something, but open to all the feelings that come around the corner when seeing the pieces of past.

Pictures of (almost) 25 years ago, when Cees and I met.
Pictures of our first four-footed one: Kimmie, a malthezer.
Pictures of our first car: an Opel Kadetje - white.
Pictures of our babysitters — from the time we thought we'd never become parents.
Pictures of our different cottages.
Pictures of our trips by stairs.
Suddenly a stray picture of me with my grandfather and grandmother - a photo from over 40 years ago.
Pictures of my ever-thickening belly,
moving to first pictures of us as a family.
Photos of babies who become toddlers - who turn into toddlers again to emerge into toddlers.
Pictures of our grits..., our grits that suddenly seems to be so big...

They are all memories - one a lifetime ago, the other only a few months old, but all of them fill me with so much love and pride.

#yoorsnovember #fotografie #herinneringen