MEPPELERDEEP and its industry

#MEPPEL : In the past, agriculture and #scheepsbouw a major source of income for Meppel. At the same time, the market had an important regional function, where many products came in and sold or transited via turn shipping. The current #veevoederfabriek and silo warehouse is a remnant of this supply route of agricultural products. The market is held on the Kerkplein every Thursday morning and Saturday. Meppel has traditionally played a centre role in printing, printing and publishing. Printing works are located next to a number of publishers like Boom. Meppel also publishes its own newspaper. Meppel has six business parks: Ezinge, Oude Vaart, Oevers, Noord, Zomerdijk West and Blankenstein. Furthermore, the city has a regional tourist function, partly due to its accessibility via the canals for the pleasure boat.