De eikenprocessierups

Eikenprocessierups                                                                                                                                  Familie: Notodontidae (Tandvlinders)

Onderfamilie: Thaumetopoeinae (Processievlinders)

De eikenprocessierups is niet een van de favorieten om tegen te komen, ze worden veelal als een plaag beschouwd en er worden maatregelen getroffen om ze te bestrijden. Ook in onze gemeente  is er al in het voorjaar preventief aan bestrijding gedaan, een goede zaak want de brandharen zijn gevaarlijk. 

De duizenden haartjes van een groep eikenprocessierupsen kan voor veel overlast zorgen. Op de huid geven ze uitslag, jeuk en irritatie, maar nog vervelender wordt het in de ogen of bij inademen. Kijk dus goed uit wanneer je ze tegenkomt, let ook speciaal op kinderen en huisdieren. 

Ondanks de bestrijding kwam ik toch een boom vol tegen tijdens een wandeling. Vanaf een veilige afstand toch wat foto's gemaakt. 

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#iamnewhere hello my name is Maria I am new here they told me about this site and among me it was entertaining since I can write and comment on very enjoyable and interesting publications I hope to continue learning because in this time of pandemic I have plenty of time to write
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The man in the hat “The hat man”
Within that phenomenon known as shadow people there are many sightings about a being that shares characteristics with this phenomenon this being is commonly known as “the man in the hat” what is surprising about this being is the description given by people who have sighted it give because this is almost always the same and when it is not only has small differences it is usually described as a large humanoid figure that carries what seems to be is a long trench coat which reaches its ankles and its unique hat drink. It is said there are two types of men in the hat -The first and most passive is said to resemble the figure of a nineteenth century detective who manages to see as a shadow which is immediately static for a few minutes as soon as it makes eye contact with it until it gradually fades to it seems that it is only interested in watching and keeping people observed.. -the second “The evil” said this because it is said that it is negative energy that is made corporeal this resembles a very tall man with a black trench coat. His top hat or his eyes either red or black always dense some say they can notice factions of a man of a mature age and a gold watch. It is not known the real origin or what is precisely this strange being. Some people say they are beings of other dimensions which manifest themselves in the form of shadows and others say they are demonic entities who feed on the negative energies of the world many researchers of the paranormal have tried to give a reason to the apparitions of this being within what they concluded are originated by a series of bad experiences and negative emotions that accumulate in a precise place to create a negative energy such that it becomes corporeal yet this does not explain the effect that has on people who come to feel their living presence the terror caused by their presence and the apparitions in so many places of the world and its almost constant presence in sleep paralysis and night terrors CASE “HAT MAN (the man in the hat) IN"VILLENA” The story we are going to tell happened in the neighborhood of “la Morenica” of Villena, specifically in the 1990s. Inés and Roberto was a marriage of newlyweds, they bought a pretty and cozy apartment, it wasn't a great wonder either but they were happy anywhere. One day they were moving, Inés was cleaning the bathroom while her husband was climbing furniture among other things more with a friend of his, when suddenly the girl felt a chill on his back along with a presence behind him. In principle she thought it was her husband, but looking more closely there was no one.. Inés blamed it on the tiredness of those days, between work and moving I had a lot of stress. It was a couple of weeks and they were already settled on the floor, Roberto noticed that his wife was pretty weird lately since the move.. The boy asked him why he was so taciturna, to which she told him it was nothing, that nothing was happening. That same night something happened that Ines will never forget. Already lying down, Inés could not hit eye, Roberto was already asleep when suddenly they began to hear blows; “Knock... knock... knock..." A cada rato se escuchaban tres golpes con la misma intensidad, la chica fue a ver que era lo que estaba sucediendo, provenía de la puerta que daba a la escalera, de nuevo los tres golpes, Inés iba poco a poco acercándose la puerta, los sonidos se intensificaban a lo que ella grito: "¿Quién es?" Al decir en voz alta estas palabras de repente esos dichosos golpes pararon, nuestra protagonista miró por la mirilla de la puerta pero estaba muy oscuro, encendió la luz del recibidor, se armó de valor y abrió la puerta, nada más abrirla sintió en su rostro una extraña brisa bastante fuerte y de malas sensaciones. Apart from all this seemed like everything was right, went to the portal and nothing, there was no one there. While he was still out he was totally paralyzed, he heard those same blows inside his house.! He closed the door fast, felt again that presence of other days, a heavy and intimidating presence, walked a few meters down the corridor and almost reaching his room looked back, could not believe what he was seeing, it was a tall and very dark shade, with a “top hat” and what looked like a long nose! Inés went into his room and called her husband, told him what happened, but he didn't believe him at all, he told him that surely his imagination had played him a bad pass. A few months passed and Inés fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital, Roberto was taking care of her many days in the hospital.. A few days later, Inés's mother decided to take care of her a weekend and the boy returned to the floor, tired decided to take a shower and try to sleep a little, although concern for his wife did not let him rest. When he was about to sleep, noises were heard in the kitchen, Roberto got up and felt a rare presence, he had the feeling that there was someone there, but he knew perfectly that he was alone. He looked in the kitchen and in the washing machine room, but everything was in order. He decided to go back to bed, just as he was down the corridor he fixed to the back where the stairs door was, there was something there, it was the same shadow that said Inés, Roberto was paralyzed for a few seconds, that shadow was staggering from side to side! The boy turned on the lights and the shadow disappeared. Shortly after this, Inés was diagnosed with a serious illness and after a few weeks Roberto was out of work. They were having a bad streak, they ran out of a floor and had to go back to their parents. Currently they are fine, Inés recovered quite a lot and Roberto is working on a new job, they don't want to remember that tragic time they had to live. As for the apartment they bought it again by other people There are many sightings of this being Even I had experiences with this entity the most recent was just over a month ago when I appeared at night while trying to sleep I remember hearing how they ripped the door and after a minute I heard how it opened and felt the incredibly tense atmosphere and the presence of this being that I could see at the door of the room but felt it to the side of me at the time I tried to take my cell phone to take a picture and have evidence however for your convenience my body felt really heavy and when I try to take my cell phone I shut up but my body felt really tired I was looking at that being until I fall asleep have you ever had an experience with this being? #paranormal #thehatman