Recepttip van Mevrouw Stip... Pudding met krieken...

Het hoeft niet altijd ingewikkeld te zijn... met dit makkelijke receptje heb je snel een origineel dessertje op tafel.


750 ml volle melk

75 g suiker

1 zakje puddingpoeder

1 bokaal krieken


Doe de melk en de suiker in een pan en zet deze op het vuur.

Strooi puddingpoeder al roerend in de melk.

Blijf roeren zodat de pudding goed mengt en de melk zeker niet aanbrandt.

Wanneer het geheel begint te koken, zet je de pan van het vuur.

Doe eerst wat krieken in kleine schaaltjes en giet er pudding over.

Laat alles een beetje afkoelen zodat de pudding al een beetje opstijft.

Daarna leg je bovenop de pudding nog wat krieken ter afwerking.

Nog even alles in de koelkast zodat de pudding sneller afkoelt en goed opstijft.

Je dessert is na een uurtje in de koeling zeker klaar.



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Soul is always a winner!
One of my favorite "couch activities" when I'm feeling down is to cover myself with a blanky and watch a good #animatedmovie with my darling. This February we watched Soul (2021), the #oscars winner for the best-animated feature!! I'm so, so glad that this genius movie got the prize! It's my favorite of the year, I watch it three times already. I always claim that modern cartoons and animated movies are having more deeply lesions for adults even, not just kids. The Soul is about Joe, a jazz music teacher who dreams about being part of a jazz group. He starts his journey by accidentally dying and discovering his soul purpose by accidentally ending up on the place called Great Before - a place where a new soul's personality is forged before goes on Earth. He meets soul number 22 who becomes his companionship, he's there forever - twenty-twoth soul ever made - but he hates Earth. Joe finds out he's still alive on the Earth but in a coma, so there's still hope for him to go back in his body and perform with a jazz group. He is persistent in his mission to go back on Earth. The good news is that he does. But in a body of a cat! While 22 has his body on the most important night of his life. Is that leap of faith in following your dreams or isn't, judge by your shelf this weekend after you watch the Soul and write me in the comment about it! :D Also, if you are interested in the post-life of No.22 there is a short- animated movie (just 9 minutes) named 22 vs Earth! :) #Disney #Pixar What do Your Soul's dreams are? "Is all this living worth dying for?" asks No.22 as an argument in one of the discussions hardly implying it's not, Joe is not sure at the time. When the time comes they both know the right answer - life is worth living for and dying for! Some people dye and they are alive, and some dye and stay alive centuries later. Appreciate small stuff and dare to dream, dare to make small steps towards it day by day - dare to listen to Your Soul whispers! Yesterday I wrote a post in which I share one of my first poems ever written with a similar name and topic - Soul promises. It's my Souls manifesto. I dream about poetry and beauty, I dream about humanity speaking the language of heart and paradise for everyone on Earth :D Check it on the link! Sincerely Yours, Child of Nature #soulpromises    #stopoverthinking    #Childofnature    #reviews