Recepttip van Mevrouw Stip... Tajine van pompoen...

Pompoen... deze lekkere zoete lekkernij kan in veel gerechten verwerkt worden... vandaag ging ik aan de slag met mijn Marokkaanse aardewerken pot namelijk de tajine... Koken in deze grote schaal is leuk als je tijd hebt omdat het een zacht stoven is en ik er regelmatig nog dingen zoals bouillon of kruiden aan toevoeg.

Tajine... is zowel de naam van de aardewerken schaal met deksel als de naam van het gerecht, langzaam alle smaken laten samenkomen is dan ook een manier van koken die wel wat tijd vraagt.

We hebben het volgende nodig:

1 kleine pompoen
3 dikke wortelen
1 ui
3 dikke teentjes look
2 roma-tomaten of lekkere vleestomaten (ontveld)
Aardappelen (ik heb ze voorgekookt in de schil en doormidden gesneden)
Ras el hanout
Een snufje kaneel
200 ml sterke groentebouillon (op kamertemperatuur)
Fetakaas in blokjes
Eventueel vegetarische wokreepjes


Zorg ervoor dat de tajine heel langzaam opwarmt zodat het aardewerk niet barst, je kan de schaal best voor je ze gebruikt met heet water afspoelen zodat ze al warm is nog voor je ze op het vuur zet. Plotse temperatuurschommelingen zou barsten kunnen veroorzaken.

Doe een scheutje olijfolie en wat lookboter in de schaal...
Snijd de wortelen, de look en de pompoen in grove stukken en voeg ze aan het oliemengsel toe, eerst de wortelen en na een tweetal minuutjes de pompoen en de look...
Dan mag de in vier gesneden ui erbij, de ontvelde en in 2 gesneden tomaten, een lepel ras el hanout en een grote schep tijm...
Even omroeren met een houten lepel en het geheel even zachtjes laten garen met het deksel erop (op een zacht vuur)

Vervolgens doen we de bouillon erbij en de aardappelen...
Een snufje kaneel erbij en weer even door elkaar roeren...
Op het einde de blokjes fetakaas er nog bij, deksel er terug op en de tajine van het vuur halen...
Even laten rusten...
Ondertussen de vegetarische wokreepjes bakken in een pan met een klein beetje olijfolie... (enkel als je er een vleesvervanger bij wil, maar kan ook zonder... zie foto hiernaast)
De wokreepjes toevoegen aan de tajine...

Het geheel serveren met brood of versgebakken lookbroodjes...



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You'll see these five this summer!
You'll see these five this summer! the ant, the fly, the fruit fly, the mosquito, the wasp Hello, Summer. - This summer it is warm like these days, so tropical! The #insecten coming with whole armies at us. First we got a horde of ants at the barn door. Hundreds of ants. They plowed so much sand, it looked like molehills. Then the fly. I live in the countryside between the lands, so yes, there are always flies. But since a few days with this heat a lot of fat shit-flies. I always get them out of the house as soon as one comes in, because they poop everything down. Then the fruit fly! Whaaaa, I find that one of the most annoying there is. Do you know that if you eat a sandwich or have a drink, that it floats in front of your face every time and wants to land in your drink or on your sandwich? They're so small, but lightning fast. They seem to poop even though they are small too! And they are present in great numbers at the moment. The fruit has been moved to the fridge and part is outside. Then the mosquito! Oh, I'm all covered by mosquito bumps. Normally, I almost never get stabbed, but this week I spent a night outside and a candle against the mosquitoes on the table, but they thought I was so nice or dirty, that my arms, legs and cheeks had to believe it. That itch, blood irritant. I had vinegar, and I rubbed it on the spots with a cotton ball. Now I certainly don't smell good anymore, but hey it helps and oh yes, you can never scratch, because then there seems to be a speck of dust that makes it more itchy, said Leco at RTL Boulevard. Not that I'm watching that program, but I zapped and Leco just said something about the mosquito! And then the wasp. Brbrbrbrbrbr I'm afraid of that. Say panic! Sit as still as possible and stay calm, but I can't! As soon as I see one, I'm gonna scream and run. You don't want to see or hear that hahahaha. It's to be ashamed of your death. On holidays also whole campsites shouted together. To the inheritance of hubby who then really decides “I'm not part of this.” I've been stabbed three times in my life. The first time on my eyelid, that was really very painful and annoying. The second time it was in my nightgown and I was stabbed on my back and the third time during a walk on my middle finger. You understand, I'm a bit of a drama queen, but without joking, on the one hand they are useful insects and on the other hand a serious problem if you are allergic or if you get such a thing in your mouth. Brbrbr shouldn't think about it. I am always happy when autumn starts again, although sometimes one wants to stay wintering, but by autumn everything is quiet again, well quiet, then Mrs. spider with hubby and kids often emerges again, but I don't find that scary. They run fast, but they don't sting, stabbing, or bite. tips against ants - Tip: How to get ants away - An ant plague - Ants, very useful animals but keep them outdoors - ants facts - Why are the flying ants flying? - How a crazy ant teaches you to make a difference - What's a hedgehog ant? - We have (finally) ANTS!!!! - Flying ants in the air - Word of the day - Turnhole - What do red forest ants eat? - Lice on plants: what an ant - Did you know that? Ants... - Milking aphids, a diligent job! (photo blog Macrophotography) - TIPS AGAGING - Mosquitoes and flies, what can we do to keep them out of the door - Cabbage Whitefly in Kale - Fly in the house and fly nuisance, help! - Will you continue to eat when a fly has been on it? 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Hello all, Wonder immediately if there are people who are going to read this. Who's waiting for another new person to post about her life, dog care work, handicrafts, man writing pictures?. Well, I doubt it. But I'm going to do my best. Just seem fun to post things I want to share with others. I'm super gem on our dog kids. They have their own fb page. I work in care for elderly dementia at night. It's often those little things that make my work in it so great. And I love reading and handicrafts. Old hat, huh?. Well, here I'm just wondering who's reading hihi. . Love habit