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It is an amazing Mexican Recipe that you will love to devour.
Beef Steaks: 3 steaks medium size.
Butter: 1 tbsp.
Garlic: 3 cloves.
Rosemary: 1 tsp.
Mexican Oregano: 1 tsp.
Hot sauce: 2 tbsp.
Sweet & sour sauce: 1/2 cup.
Salt: to taste.
Paprika: 1 tsp.
Kidney Beans: 1/2 cup.
You need beef steaks, and shallow fry them in 1 tbsp of butter, garlic, and rosemary.
After frying, add water so the beef is cooked well, then add Mexican oregano, hot sauce, sweet & sour sauce, salt, Paprika, and canned Kidney beans. Garnish with tomatoes and fresh corriander. Cook for 5 minutes more, and Mexican Chilli Beef is ready!

Mexican Chilli Beef

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