Microphone tinkering of empty kitchen roll

Do you like to sing too? Then you'll probably be singing in front of the mirror, with a hairbrush in your hand as a microphone. Did you know you can turn a paper towel into a microphone in a seesaw? It's easy to do and so your performance seems to be even more true! Or maybe you want to make a microphone surprise with Saint Nicholas for someone who likes to sing? Take a look at the tinkering below so that you or the other person can sing, with a (almost) real microphone in your hand!

This microphone can also be used for school performances, playback shows and dances for the family. Do you have the theme of music/musical instruments at school, nursery or at the club? Then making your own microphone is also a nice idea. You don't need much for it, you know!

Supplies: 1 empty kitchen roll, a piece of aluminium foil, a black or silver pipe cleaner (chenille wire), a styrofoam ball or another ball of approx. 5cm and black paper. Of course also scissors, adhesive tape, glue and marker.

Cut the paper towel lengthwise

Stick the chenille wire to the inside with adhesive tape

Roll up the paper towel slightly at an angle so that it is slightly wider above the bottom and stick firmly by turning over some adhesive tape

Cut the protruding cardboard at the top

Take a piece of aluminium foil of approx. 25x25cm and crumple it gently

Open the crumple again and flatten it with your hand well. Cover the ball with it now

Here the foil is glued to the outside of the tube with tape, but more beautiful is if you cram the covered ball into the tube. (Tip hints, see microphone no. 2)

The bottom also gets a piece of foil around it, the rest piece you can stuff inside. The cord sits so nicely in the middle

Roll black paper in the middle and stick with adhesive tape

You can make the cord curly by rolling it up to e.g. a marker

Use a black permanent marker to make dots on the ball

With a silver marker you draw lines and some text on it, if necessary, musical notes or your own name

Put 2 dots of glue where the on/off buttons should be

Stick a red and green button on the microphone

Let the glue dry... and sing!

Tip: You can make the on/off buttons from red/green paper, buttons, glitter stones or beads. Square acrylic mosaic stones are attached to this microphone, but something else can also be done, as long as you can turn the microphone on and off with it:) Note, don't turn the volume knob too loud, older people can't handle loud sound very well.

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