Milko Djurovski the Smoke Magician...

“Ice is for Whisky”, I can still hear him say it.
Now read a poem about the “Yugoslav ball artist” from an unforgotten time when trainer Hans Westerhof, in our beautiful Oosterpark on the Zaagmuldersweg, was still a trainer.

The Smoke Magician

It was in the time of trainer Hans Westerhof in our beautiful Oosterpark on the Zaagmuldersweg.
Grandpa Fluks had just arrived from Westerbroek, but he was unlucky.
He became involved in a fierce discussion about storing his bike.
Previously always at the main stand, but that suddenly seemed prohibited, just out of the blue.
It was an autumn evening, I thought, “October 18, 1989”
and we had to play against a monster crew.
The park was really packed, the UEFA Cup & Partizan Belgrade attracted many!
This evening we were able to win 4-3, but we certainly didn't get it as a gift.
And weeks even later, they still spoke of “that Macedonian striker”, because he stole the show.
That evening, he crawled into the heart of our Martini city.
And you know, it's the best football player we've ever had in the Oosterpark.
With great class, guts and without fear, he paraded forcibly across the field.
He was convinced of his own abilities and Westerhof was keen on that.
Hans managed to pull him and Milko did have ears for a Groningen adventure.
Together with Hennie 'ass' Meijer, he formed a couple and she played an unprecedented amount of fire.
The best season ever, a third place in the Premier League, it worked out.
Remember, the PTT Telecom Competition, they had pulled out all the stops.
For four seasons, the “Yugoslav ball artist” was present at our FC,
but his nickname was also “Enfant terrible”, he lived quite free & happy.
Yes” Milko the Magician” owes its name not only to his brilliant goals.
His stubble, long hair, black tights, but especially smoking brought negative sounds.
During the warm-up, much to the annoyance and surprise, he always smoked a cigarette.
He parked his Mercedes Cabrio on the big market,
rules or a ban, he did not pay attention to that.
No with discipline, he didn't take it so closely, if you took his lusts, you got his burdens.
But ooh how much we enjoyed his impressive magic.
Do you also happen to remember this?
When a carer wanted to put some ice on his injury,
Milko shouted:
“Ice is for Whisky”, I can still hear him say it.
Milko Djurovski, Groningen has you in the heart, forever and everyone needs to know.
You are a striker you will never forget!

by: a Voice of Thoughts (from a series about former players from FC-Groningen)

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