Mill The Razor-meppel

#MOLEN : The mill De Vlijt is located at the Sluisgracht 20 in Meppel and has been rebuilt since 2002 on a substructure from 1859 and has a flight of 21,80 meters.
It is an octagonal wooden railing mill on a stone substructure, The mill has no traditional mill effect yet. The hood was covered with shells, which has been replaced with wood with similar EPDM.
He has great scenic value. The mill is not in use, this in contrast to the mill De Weert, also standing in Meppel. However, the mill is rotary. There is also a grinding chair. The stone substructure of the mill has been privately owned since 1999 and is now used as a home and law firm.
The fled is old Dutch fenced up. The 21,80 m long steel rods were made in 2001 by Derckx. The inner rod has number 942 and the outer rod number 943.
The mill has a cast iron upper axle, which was cast in 2001 by the firm Hardinxveld and a top wheel without combs. The number of the upper axle is 92.
The mill is caught, braked, with a steel hoop.
The mill has an English crocker for the seasoning.
One of the original functions of this mill was that of mustard mill. The Stadskorenmolen De Vlijt Foundation has set itself the goal of repairing this mill and reusing it as a mustard mill. [1]