Herfst Kleurplaten van Suzanne!

Wat een talent! Suzanne Amels maakt bij elk thema, wel een passende kleurplaat. In het kader van de herfst, heb ik deze 4 mooie kleurplaten verzameld. Suzanne vind het leuk om nieuwe leden te verwelkomen dus mocht je dat willen klik dan hier.

Hieronder kan je 4 aanklikbare kleurplaten zien. Die heeft Suzanne in de loop der jaren gemaakt. Er gaat uiteraard wel wat tijd in zitten, want zoals je ziet is er veel gebruik gemaakt van details. 

Klik de kleurplaat van je keuze aan, en sla die op. Van daaruit kan je de kleurplaat weer printen. Heel veel kleurplezier,en deel gerust je ingekleurde kleurplaten met ons!

Nog meer kleurplaten inspiratie:


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After Eight
#Eten   #recipes #chocolate #italianrecipe Asparagus PEEL THE ASPARAGUS AND COOK THEM IN A SPACIOUS SAUCEPAN WITH WATER. ADD A TABLESPOON OF SALT AND A PINCH OF SUGAR. AS SOON AS THE WATER BOILS, TURN OFF THE WATER SOURCE. LEAVE THE LID ON THE PAN. SMOKED SALMON Roll up and distribute on the plates. Brush with a dressing of lime juice, fresh dill and pepper from the pepper grinder - - FRESH SPINACH Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. V add a handful of spinach leaves and add pepper from the pepper grinder.  Let the spinach shrk and then add again a handful. Add spinach leaves until they are on. REDUCE THE HEAT. - RISOTTO Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. AS SOON AS THE ONION BECOMES VITREOUS, ADD THE RISOTTO UNTIL IT BECOMES GLASSY (+/- 10 MINUTES). EXTINGUISH WITH A BIG SPLASH OF WHITE WINE. ADD A LADLE OF THE COOKING LIQUID FROM THE ASPARAGUS. STIR UNTIL COMPLETELY ABSORBED (+/- 15 MINUTES. NOW STIR PARMESAN. - PUT ON THE PLATE THE RISOTTO, ASPARAGUS AND STIR-FRIED SPINACH. DECORATE WITH FRESH DILL. - CHOCOLATE Au bain marie melt the broken pieces of chocolate. WITH A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE IS CHOCOLATE. THE DOG MARC (WILD HERB PLANT) FROM THE GARDEN OR MINT LEAVES DIP INTO THE MELTED BUTTER AND LET COOL IN THE REFRIGERATOR. DELICIOUS WITH A CUP OF COFFEE. - IT TASTES LIKE AFTER EIGHT! (DO YOU REMEMBER THESE CHOCOLATES?) - - AFTER EIGHT Meanwhile, the beautiful sunny day is almost over. The sun is almost going down. Have a little after-enjoy with a delicious beer. - -
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Boosting the wrong way
I see more and more boosts appearing that require a certain number of votes. And that number is usually not minus. Once again it should turn out that the only thing that matters is popularity vs good honest content. Not all content reaches an equally large audience, therefore the post is not necessarily better or worse. But she is clearly (again) considered less if she can reach the given measure. That, while commercial, populist content that can profile itself in any case gets extras on top. It's just again #shittingonthelittleman as it is called. And that while promised functionality has been omitted for weeks that lesser bloggers could be of service in strengthening their position. I thought Yoors was founded at the time to give blogging a new angle in which every (potential) blogger could be equal. Too bad to see how that is undermined. #mssingtheoldyoors #yoorsupdates