Hoezo Kerststress?

In de kopfoto kan je het al zien { Bron: de Hoofdzuster}Heb jij ook last van kerststress? Geen tijd meer van lekker ontspannen en rustig afwachten tot je weer de rust hebt om iets voor jezelf te doen? Geniet dan even met een knipoog van humor naar de kerststress en vergeet even de dingen die er niet toe doen.. Geniet vooral van elkaar en met elkaar en maak het niet groter dan het is.  Leven en laten leven..

Heb je kerststress? 


Dilemma's bij de vrouw versus man. 

Door Betje.com

De conclusie van de kerststress vertaald in deze tekst door Loesje...


Kerst kleurplaat

Lekker ontspannen met een kerst kleurplaat!


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From sad, to happy faces at the Extracurricular shelter
In times of COVID-19 everything is different. Nothing is the same anymore and there are rules. So also in my field, as #pedagogischer within preschool and after-school care. Yesterday was a day with a good example. Some children had to get tested because of a #covid19 infected person in their immediate vicinity. The children who had to be tested are between 4 and 9 years old. I think it is very important to be able to speak openly on such topics. For example, I have the #kids asked about their own experiences and opinions. Thus, the children spoke not about a stick, but a stick in the nose and throat. Especially in the nose they have experienced as annoying. In the process of telling, there were several #emotions out at the children. Emotions like; anger and sadness. I am also a mother myself and this is very important to me.. I myself have my doubts about the tests and the whole COVID-19 'state'. Anyway, I asked the children: “Dear children, how can I make you happy again today?”. The answer was, we want to do something that makes us happy and dirty. Of course, getting dirty is always fun and I found this a challenge to merge, haha. After a pleasant discussion, the following came out. Thus, we have our own fantasy flowers made of paint, with our hands and feet! What a party was that?! The dirtier, the better. And so the sad faces slowly disappeared and I got super happy faces in return! Dear all, take care of each other and love! This is how we make the #world a little bit more beautiful. ♡ #iwantthisbooster #yoorsapril2021
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#webshop It is true that because of the pandemic we have had to reinvent ourselves and create our own virtual store. We receive orders through Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp from inside and outside Bogotá. We are a virtual store that earns customer trust because we send cash to delivery. We send the catalog to customers and in this way we also meet the needs and tastes. This is a great business strategy that opened the doors to a very productive market. We also have another online store with another style of shoes called Bless Shoes which is also very attractive for women in Colombia. We are another option for online shopping and webshop.