Lente-Pasen tafereeltje door Suzanne Amels

Lente en pasen.. Suzanne heeft het hier heel leuk gecombineerd!

Schattige paashaas die er staat met zijn bosje tulpen en het mandje vol eitjes..daar wordt je toch gewoon blij van? Ze heeft dit allemaal tot in de details zelf bedacht en gemaakt dus zeker een compliment waard vind ik.. wat vinden jullie?

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My pride, my novel “Captiva”
#yoorsapril2021 First of all something I'm very proud of is my beautiful family, I love them madly and without them I would not have achieved great goals as it is to have graduated in journalism this year, also another reason of pride for me is my passion for writing. Since I am 12 years old I love to write and through the years I have been improving my writing, currently I have received proposals from foreign publishers to publish and that is happy. I'll leave you a PDF with a chapter of a story. The price to be able to read the first chapter is economical is only €1.50 and with it I hope not to disturb, but the whole book has another price, since I independently sell my stories (at the moment) ✔️ The story I left annexed is called “Captiva” has content for adults, and has second and third parts. 🖊️💙 Synopsis: Meredith is a young adult who was unable to resist handsome millionaire lawyer Robert Meyer, who has very shady secrets that torments him at night.. I hope you like it. 💜
Time to Say Goodbey
Stairs wipe clean from the top step, and also starting “powerful government” starts with cleaning at the top. It started with the fact that Mark Rutte's political father, Gerrit Zalm (VVD), the longest serving Minister of Finance ever and informer of Rutte III, was identified by the Public Prosecutor's Office as a suspect in an investigation into failing supervision of money laundering at ABN Amro. The truth for Rutte is not a starting point, but an option, say CDA departments. An option that often loses from fear of loss of face, lack of responsibility and desire to maintain power, writes Tommy Wieringa. It ends with the fact that this makes someone who applies for a personal budget, needs a new driver's license, or is disabled, or just wants to get damn decent treatment by their own government screaming crazy. Or worse. As an encore, the politicians are going to lie about the situation and consequences. And when a representative of the people speaks to them, he must be sensitized or get out of the way. The hunt of governments for our personal data. The Dutch government accuses innocent citizens of fraud, the EU uses software to track down 'lying travelers' and India hunts Muslims through facial recognition in surveillance cameras. Governments are continuing to collect mass data, and marginalised groups are particularly affected. The hunt of governments for our personal data. Dennis Broeders, Professor of Safety and Technology at Leiden University: ' Step by step, the government gets deeper and deeper into people . Each separate step to do that seems reasonable, but all in all, the impact of all those steps is much greater than all the steps added up.'The Dutch police buy even more drones that will help with the surveillance; The Netherlands has the first with smart cameras that register if you are taking the wheel; Grapperhaus wants to create a large digital register in which all the second-hand items and people that they have are required to be stored and the Dutch army has an experimental data center rigged that maps the online behaviour of Dutch people. Time to Say Goodbey Stairs wipe clean from the top step, and also starting “powerful government” starts with cleaning at the top. This government must be dissolved. #politics