Mushroom lightly tinkering

Mushroom slightly.

First of all, to start with the concept: Mushroom or is it now #Paddenstoel ? I use #paddenstoel and here you can read that this is also allowed according to the spelling. “Mushroom” looks more like a chair, on which toads can sit.. But according to the spelling, it's allowed both!

In autumn, they appear all over the forest. They like moist soil and thrive on it very well. The most famous is the fly agaric. This is therefore the most made in terms of crafting.

I've come up with a simple craft around the mushroom. It's a cup that gets a mushroom on it. You can put a fake waxine light in there when it's done.

What do you need?

1. I used ice cream cups that I already had. {reuse}

2. Fabric/blotting paper in the colour green.

3. White cuddle glue if necessary.

4. White and red thin paper.

5. Possibly leaves, acorns, chestnuts to add.

How do you make it?

Cut a piece of green tissue paper, which fits around the cup in size.

2. Now you can do a few things in terms of option: make pieces of this paper and then paste it on the cup. Of- You pack the cup and stick it all around it.

3. Draw a mushroom that fits in size on the cup. Cut off stem and hat from each other. These are your molds. Children can also draw their own mushroom!

4. For 3 cups: cut out a hat and stem 3 times. Stick it on the green tissue cup.

5. Make dots of white paper and cut it out. You can also put crepe paper, small pieces of cotton wool, pompons or foam.

6. Allow to dry well and your craft is ready. You can put a fake tea light in it right now. And all around you can add leaves, chestnuts etc.

Lots of crafts fun!


Inspiration for autumn!

Children's book tip:

Magic Minute Storys- With Reading Fairy through Autumn

Meet everyone from the forest,

with little Reading Fairy, Victor Vos,
Roef, Rose and Bass the Bear,
Fluff, the rabbit, and much more.

We could wander through the woods for hours
with these delicious autumn stories.
Packed with facts and crafts fun.
One more verse and then... to bed!

Short 5-minute stories with fun
facts, recipes, songs and verses,
craft, DIY and game tips
for the fall!

Click on the book to go to it!


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