Recycle owls tinkering a box and waste wood

A recycling afternoon, always a handy idea, you clean up something immediately, and something new emerges. I made an owl with material that I had in my house. Starting point was a box.

What do you need:

- milk pack/or something like that

- various waste wood: e.g. wood that is attached to a canvas for tensioning, ice sticks

- pair of tree discs

- acorn caps

-the eyes: ready-made wood are bought at wibra

- Creall Tint

- brushes

- Cuddle glue/glue gun

- chenille thread

How do you make it?

1. Stick silk for silk your milk carton or box (here worked with glue gun)

2. Sometimes it is fitting and measuring but it is a fun puzzle job so

3. Also paste the tip of the box

4. Edit the beads you have pasted on the box {with brush} with brown Creall Tint

5. Edit the flower-eyes with green Creall Tint

6. Edit the tree discs with brown Creall Tint

7. Edit the acorn caps with green Creall Tint

8. Stick the eye parts together as shown in the picture

9.Stick the owl's eyes onto the wooden box

10. Give the owl some soft chenille thread over the eyes. Adhesive

11. Give the owl “feather” by bending some chenille thread together and sticking on both sides

12. Make a beak of chenille thread by bending it into a shape. Adhesive

13. You can still stick pompons on the owl's head. You can also use feathers, or other material you have at hand.

As a pupil, use an acorn cap.

Did you know there are over 200 different types of owls?

the eyes of an owl are particularly sensitive to light? A hundred times as sensitive as human eyes.

owls can rotate their head three-quarters turn? To the right. Then continue, so they can look back, too. And then continue even further. Owls can therefore look to the left, while they have turned their head clockwise!

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