Sneeuwpop maken op een pallet

Een leuke manier om winter decoratie te maken is door gebruik te maken van een pallet.  Dit materiaal is zeer geliefd voor hergebruik...en de vele gebruiksmogelijkheden! Rondom Kerst en de Winter ,is het leuk om sneeuwpoppen te kunnen maken. Dat kan je maken, door te verven op een pallet.

Zo dacht een BSO er ook over, waar Inge de Groot werkt. Ze hebben een sneeuwpop gemaakt met de kinderen die naar de Buitenschoolse opvang gaan.  Het is een echte sfeervolle aankleding op de BSO geworden, vertelde Inge.

Wat heb je hier voor nodig?

- Pallet

- Plankje

- Lijmpistool

- Acryl Verf/kwasten

- Wiebel oogjes

- Knopen

- Pompons

- Rond stokje

- Plank om hoed te kunnen maken.

-  Schroefboormachine -schroeven

-  Kerst-verlichting

Hoe maak je de sneeuwpop?

1. Maak een tekening op een pallet van een sneeuwpop

2. Verf eerst de sneeuwpop zelf en dan pas de achtergrond. 

3. Verf ogen op de sneeuwpop

4. Verf de neus-wortel

5. Maak op een aparte plank een tekening voor een hoed. Deze zaag je uit, en verf je. Laat alles goed drogen wat geverfd is.

6. Zet de hoed met schroeven vast op de sneeuwpop. 

7. Zet de "wortel" neus vast met een schroef aan de achterzijde

8. Plak een knopen mond op de sneeuwpop  met lijm

9. Geef de sneeuwpop pompons op zijn buik door deze erop vast te lijmen.

10. Door de kiertjes van de pallet kan je de lampjes erdoor steken.  Dan is je sneeuwpop klaar en kun je de lampjes aan doen!

Een leuk boek: Pippa en Pelle in de sneeuw. 

Uitgever: Christofoor

Op een koude winterochtend worden Pippa en Pelle wakker. Er is een grote verrassing: het heeft gesneeuwd! Ze gaan naar buiten en ontmoeten nieuwe dierenvrienden in het bos. Ze sleeën, skiën en bouwen een sneeuwpop. Met rode wangen en een rode neus stappen ze door de sneeuw en hebben ze plezier, tot ze weer naar hun warme huisje teruggaan. Dit prachtige kartonboekje van illustratrice Daniela Drescher nodigt uit om samen met kleine kinderen op ontdekkingsreis te gaan. Een reis warm en droog binnen bij het voorlezen, en als het even kan buiten in de sneeuw!

Bekijk het boek hier.

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My friend is a woman
My friend is a woman - How I, as a straight woman, try to deal with my friend's transition from man to woman.“I want to be a woman.” - These words are still engraved in my memory as if he uttered them yesterday. In reality, he told me them at the end of last year, somewhere early October 2019. I fell from the sky. Of course I already knew that my friend was not a cliché machoman, and let that be exactly what attracts me so much about him. He is also autistic, because of which he can not always name his feelings and emotions, this is called “alexithymia.” We've been together for almost four and a half years now, and in the meantime, you know a thing or two about each other. For example, he told me that he used to wear dresses of his sisters for fun.Not a big deal, you might think. My mother had shortened and taken one of my father's overalls so I could walk through the mud with overalls and rubber boots and play farmer. However, what my friend never told me is how he felt when wearing those dresses, because he could never explain his emotions. Now this is still difficult for him, but with the help of a psychologist and sexologist, he slowly but surely comes out. He felt “right “when he wore those dresses, like he had to wear those dresses, and he always would. But he was born a man and his parents always raised him like that. My friend has a mustache, a beard, broad shoulders and a heavy voice. Nothing about him has ever made me - or anyone around me - suspect he's transgender.First appointment with the sexologist. - On October 14, he had his first appointment with a sexologist attached to a hospital in our region. That was a very difficult day for me, because my head told me he'd come back from the hospital as a woman. No, no, no. His sexologist helps him to (re) discover his orientation, his gender and who he wants to be. The appointments were supposed to come monthly. My friend has a counselor who helps him because he's autistic, and she's been with him once to the sexologist. I haven't dared to do it so far. After his penultimate appointment with the sexologist, he comes home and says, “I can start hormone therapy, it's really going to happen!” I can tell you that I felt terrified that day, and I had one panic attack after another and systematically hid it all from my friend. To this day, I still have panic attacks, although thanks to my new antidepressants, these are a lot less frequent.To the endocrinologist. - At some point, my friend's autism supervisor is sitting with us, and she says to him, “Oh yes, I have mapped out our train and bus routes to get to Mortsel”. I fell all the way from the sky. When I asked why they went to Mortsel and when, the counselor looked at me amazed. She thought I knew they were going to Mortsel together. No, no. Apparently, there's an endocrinologist. I had NEVER heard the word in my life, but apparently this is also called a 'hormone doctor', who is very concerned with diabetic patients, but also with people with hormone problems or, in this case, transgender. My throat was kind of pinched. Hormones already? A thousand and one questions popped my head in, and most of them are still there.The first hormone pill. - Yesterday it was then time: he was allowed to pick up the prescription for his hormones from the GP. He then did this and he immediately went to get the medication from the pharmacist. Yesterday he also immediately took his first two doses. I am terrified. Realistically, I know that no changes will be noticeable for the time being, but they will actually be there. For him, of course, it was great. He loves this whole process, he will finally become who he wants to be and he hopes to finally be truly happy. And I'll give him that. How hard I give him that.- Oh, my... But what about me? - I am straight. Of course, I can greatly appreciate the beauty of some women (who not?) , but I'm not attracted to women. My friend keeps telling me that he will not change much, but how can the transformation from man to woman be called “not much” now? What's going on with our relationship? I love my friend, but I really love it, and now I feel like I'm grieving. Because soon “my friend “will be gone. Then there's a woman in its place. He's not out of the closet with my parents, who are actually his parents, since his real parents have never been parents to him (are you still following?) , and plans to do this through a letter, because that way he can get out of his words more easily, and he can't tell them face-to-face, afraid of their reactions. He already wrote that letter, and I already read it. When he plans to send these to my parents, I don't know. But I'm also afraid of my parents' reaction. I'm afraid of everything right now. - This is the beginning of what is likely to become a long series. With this I give you a broader insight into my life at, which is currently completely upside down. #transgender #holebi #hetero #lgbtq #persoonlijk
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The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (10)
For my 11th contribution I'm going back to the Brood family because something terrible happened there. As always, for this May challenge, we use the word “breadcrumbs” or parts of it. Here we go again for the #140w Shaking Slice Brood spoke about her terrible adventure. “I was abducted, stolen from the table by a bird, I thought I was going to die.” “Are you hurt?” asked the rest of the Brood family. “Nothing serious, a few crumbs lost here or there but the rest okay.” “Then how did you actually escape?” Asked Brother Homp. Slice sobbed for a moment. “At first I tried to crawl from among his claws, but lost more crumbs.” She swallowed for a while and then told the rest. “When he landed, I saw it was a magpie. I thought for a moment, asked if it was true that magpies could sing so ugly. I saw in his eyes that he was indignant. To prove it wasn't like that, he started screaming and I fell to the ground and I was gone.” © Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere