Nancy maakt dit leuke kaartje: rendieren in allerlei printjes!

Nancy van de BSO in België maakte deze leuke kaart met rendieren. Ze heeft gebruik gemaakt van leuke printstofjes en die uitgeknipt met daarop een uitgetekende vorm als in de afbeelding . Deze plak je op de kaart naast elkaar zoals jij wil. Met een fineliner kan je deze rendieren een gezicht geven en een gewei. Daarboven een streng tekenen en voorzien van kerstlichtjes.
Walk 13-05-2021
#nature During another hike through nature a.o. these pictures are taken: Below is a panorama photo. (Hopefully it is to view it as such.) You better not sit here.. 'Cause this is a big anthill! This pool may be created by man, but several animals are very happy with it! Among other things, toads, frogs and salamanders. I heard them, but I didn't see them, otherwise I would definitely have taken a picture of them. On the photo below: Sprawth of various tree species One of the nesting boxes, this one is from the blue tit if I remember correctly And a #faceseverywhere you see him, too.? I thought I was on vacation there! What was this again enjoying! What kind of shrub is this? And the birds were singing - Hear the birds there! Landscape Photos - More walking pictures of me. Hiking plog of 17-03-2020 - And even more walking pictures! Overview photos of Ingrid Tips and more - More pictures... Own photos. Do not use without permission!
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Baby album of... fruit!
We all know the blossoms of fruit trees. We all know the fruit we eat. But what's in between ? So baby fruit.... Let's take a look at the fruit #vandeanedededge . What strikes me most of all is that fruit at an initial stage often seems to grow up on the stem. You can also see the remnants of the blossoms in both images. On the left you can see even several stages of the development of the fruit. These are plums. When I look at my plum trees, it's gonna be a fantastic plum year ! This hairy baby looks like a kiwi. But none of that is right . It's a.... ordinary apple ! At an initial stage, these apples are hairy. Later it becomes a ruddy, tasty, edible apple. These fruits, which are still swelling under the remnants of their blossom, become juicy, red-green pears. The fruits below are from another pear species, the well-known Conference. The balls you see below will be delicious, red cherries in a few months ! On the left picture you can see how the left side is fertilized. There a ball forms. The right side is unfertilized. That's where the fruit principle is going to die. This blog is part of the challenge of @Mevrouw Dot... that challenges us to perceive things from a different side. All photos are of course the property of Enigma. They were all taken in my own garden. May 2021. #fromtheotherside #photography #fruit #garden #nature #naturephotography Previous blog: The Portuguese laurel cherries: a real insect blocker ! -