Nieuwe kleurplaat : Wintersport {door Suzanne Amels}

Een geweldig gemaakte kleurplaat die weer enorm goed past bij de Winterspelen van dit moment... Geniet van deze kleurplaat en kleur hem in!
DIY Puzzle of tools
A cheap way to create an educational puzzle and game for your children is to cover objects! For example, use toy tools to practice shapes and colors. You can learn to sort with it and the circumsetting itself is good for motor skills. Of course, this can be done with different types of toys! The outline of tools could fit the theme of occupations You can then also let the objects color, cut out and make them a nice work of art, on a canvas cloth for example. Nice as a gift for Father's Day or for birthday handy handlers! The photos were sent in by Saf van Little Messy Hands, check her page HERE for more fun and educational activities and tips! Making tool case for Father's Day of egg boxes incl. template - Read more Knutselset toolbox toy tools set for the little handymen Would you like to post a comment below or give a like? That would be fun!Please sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Free registration with Yoors #puzzle #puzzel #diypuzzle #gereedschap #kinderpuzzle #kleurenleren #vormenleren #beroepen #speelgoed #schuur #vaderdag #klusser #timmerman #creatief #kleurplaten #kleineklussers
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The Art Route Boomerang
#yoorsapril2021   #walking #art   This afternoon I went hiking this time just with us through the village, we have here 2 art routes one called De Fountein (11km) and the other is called De Boomerang (6 km). I walked the Boomerang this afternoon. Round Beilen it was nice weather to walk and that was noticeable because it was busy in Beilen everywhere people who were walking or cycling. I didn't take so many pictures of the route this was a bit stupid of me because when I got home I thought I could make a blog about it. Imagine if someone comes to Beilen then they can go hiking this or the other route. But you can also find the pictures on the website where the route is described. Route de Boomerang Beautiful clear route which is also well marked with clear signs, and on the website on your phone for example you can always read what kind of artwork is when it got there and who made it. Pretty interesting. This work of art is called “The Change” and represents that the Beilen - West district has been refurbished and changed and that was completely completed in 2012.. The art work is an emerge of the Dragonfly. Also you can see here the “The thick tree of Beilen” I think this can also be of nature a beautiful old oak that has been there for a very long time. I have wonderfully walked through Beilen and made pictures of what I liked I will be here under a few places. Because I walked in Beilen I didn't make so many pictures and that's a pity I should have taken a picture of every piece of art. I love walking in nature and love as much as possible unpaved, but I must say that I liked to walk once it is a nice route and now I want to walk the other route of 11 km to see where it passes. I have run everything paved today and not seen anything new but still I enjoyed walking. And I hope you have enjoyed along.