Spybottles maken( idee van Marloes)

Wat is een spybottle?
Het is een fles waarin tussen bv. kraaltjes allerlei voorwerpen verstopt zitten. Er zijn bijbehorende kaartjes welke voorwerpen er in zitten. Door te draaien,schudden e.d. vind je ze. Wie van de tweeën vind ze het snelst?

Maak zelf deze leuke spy bottle:

2 Flessen gekocht bij de Ikea 
1 doos Hama van de Ikea.
10-15 kleine speeltjes/items per fles

De speeltjes/items groeperen en op de foto zetten, heb deze foto's uitgeprint en geplastificeerd.

Vul de flessen eerst met speeltjes,
daarna de flessen  tot 85%  vullen en de dop er op draaien (zonodig lijmen) 

Klaar is kees, leuk om mee te nemen op  vakantie!
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This is me
Hi, I'm new around here! My name is Genesis , I am 22 years old, I reside in Spain. I really like to read, interact, learn and travel. I'm a cream lover of photography, I love taking pictures of the moon, sunsets and the sea, I feel that these kind of photographs convey peace. I also love the extreme, I love cars, especially SUVs, accompanied by a good camera and a good trip to fill with mud, I like heights, I like risks. I am passionate about languages, culture and tourism. I'm in love with the sea, there is nothing better than breathing fresh air with that salty smell 🛳⚓️🌊🦀 #iamnewhere
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JAZZ AGAINST THE MACHINE's version of CREEP (RADIOHEAD) PDF Bass part including solo and video with transcription. I’ve been asked several times about this track that I recorded with the band Jazz Against The Machine: we did an instrumental version of "Creep“ from Radiohead and it’s pretty much a bass featured ballad. So I made this full transcription of my bass part with all the melodies and improvisations. You can check out the PDF in this post and the video with the transcriptions to play along. I hope You like it. We made the recording 10 years ago. It was summer and the studio was boiling hot. I do remember, that we had a good vibe recording. We are thankful for all our listeners who like this one song and who are being touched by the vibe of that moment. #JATM #jazzagainstthemachine #jazz #music #creep #radiohead #pdf #video #Music #yoorspdf