Yoors Sinterklaas Challenge : op de valreep..kleurplaat Sinterklaas 2018

Nog een paar dagen en dan is het Sinterklaas.. en laat Suzanne Amels toch nog kans te hebben gezien om deze prachtige kleurplaat te bedenken en te maken! Dus ga gauw inkleuren en voor in de schoen of zelf geven aan de Sint of Piet als ze langskomen!
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It happened to all us when we met Yoo.rs
#imadethismeme I am sincerely loving to make original Yoo.rs memes, and I think many of us feel identified with this meme, I abandon facebook in the days of knowing Yoo.rs a place where you could freely express yourself, a non-toxic community, all of them rely on each other, and best of all they value your opinion, your quality content, and allow many people who feel frustrated by Making Poesia that was not heard , Stories that were not read, photographs to be attributedif they were amazing, they did not have the visibility that deserved, Thank you very much Yoo.rs, for giving us the "microphone"; to be able to express ourselves freely.
Walk 13-05-2021
#nature During another hike through nature a.o. these pictures are taken: Below is a panorama photo. (Hopefully it is to view it as such.) You better not sit here.. 'Cause this is a big anthill! This pool may be created by man, but several animals are very happy with it! Among other things, toads, frogs and salamanders. I heard them, but I didn't see them, otherwise I would definitely have taken a picture of them. On the photo below: Sprawth of various tree species One of the nesting boxes, this one is from the blue tit if I remember correctly And a #faceseverywhere you see him, too.? I thought I was on vacation there! What was this again enjoying! What kind of shrub is this? And the birds were singing - Hear the birds there! Landscape Photos - More walking pictures of me. Hiking plog of 17-03-2020 - And even more walking pictures! Overview photos of Ingrid Tips and more - More pictures... Own photos. Do not use without permission!