There are classic rules for texting women but you need to know how to break the rules. 90% of men don’t know how to text women and how mistake you make when texting.

Here are the 3 mistakes to avoid when texting...

1. Texting too much.

If you text too long or respond way too fast or send too many messages. You’ll come off as needy. Need is equal to Unattractive. Don’t be that guy, no high value man is sitting on his phone all day. You want to come off as the guy who has a lot going on. This shows women they aren’t your top priority.

Solution: Use common sense, be concise with your texts, if you have a long message, just call. Make exceptions when needed but never be too eager.

2. Being too formal.

Texting is informal, It’s not email or a letter, So, keep it casual. You never want to make it seem like the conversation is too important. For example, a girl sends you a text with a lot of questions and you answer every question like you're defending a thesis or report or tender.

Solution: Stop it makes you look needy. Keep it informal. Write the first thing you think.

3. Being insecure and reactive.

Let’s say you're setting plans with a woman and it’s been a little while You panic. Then you send multiple messages to see if you're still on or if everything is okay. This looks needy.

Solution : Keep a positive frame when you text. Even if you have doubt, brush it off. If you look like you’re overthinking, she’ll be turned off. Texting should be fun and positive. Not analytical.

Mistake To Avoid When You Texting Women.

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