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Tiny habits

Tiny habits

I think every single one of us have been wanting to change something about themself at some point. whether its working out more or eating better or taking more time for yourself. We are all humans and we want to improve ourself.

"Goals are harmful unless they guide you to make specific behaviors easier to do. Don’t focus your motivation on doing Behavior X. Instead, focus on making Behavior X easier to do."

- Dr. B.J. Fogg

A few months ago a friend of mine introduced my to this thing called 'tiny habits'. This is a philosophy by Dr B.J. Fogg and it's all about starting with small things. E.g. instead of starting with a morning work out every day, you start with one sit up everyday. you do that for a week or so and then add an extra sit up. Before you know it you are used to doing sit ups every morning you wake up.
(If you want to find out everything about this guy click here.)

I've done his tiny habits 5-days program, it's free, but I quickly stopped after those five days. You can enroll here. You get a personal coach that e-mails you every day for questions and te help you complete your goal.

Still being intrigued by this philosophy I've recently found an app called Fabulous.
This app uses the same system. When you first start it up your first habit will be: Drink one full glass of water the moment you wake up. The next habit is, while still drinking the water, start your day with a good breakfast.
In the app you can also add your own habits to your morning, afternoon or evening routine. This app seems te work better for me even though I only use it for 4 days now.

im curious how long it will last. It's supposed to take 100 days to create a habit. 96 more to go!