Yoors Moderation Tool: Together we keep Yoors...

Yoors Moderation Tool: Together we keep Yoors clean

Over the years, we have received some questions regarding posts or comments who are breaking the rules or who are making it unfair and not fun for others to post. Although we are proud to say that most of our members post wonderful content and follow the rules accordingly, the Yoors Team has a difficult time when confronted with ones that are not.

The Yoors Team does not like to dictate which content should be on Yoors or not, as we would like this to be a decision we take TOGETHER as Yoors. You are a part of Yoors, therefore you have a chance to decide what's right for Yoors. This is why we are introducing our new moderation democratic tool for us to choose TOGETHER which posts and comments go against the rules.


As @Henkjan de Krijger has mentioned in his announcement post about moderations, we wanted to create an innovative tool that targets the following:
  • No bullying. Unrightful decisions can't be made as the majority of Yoors members will vote for the right choice. The Yoors Team administrators always have a full oversight about all cases and will take action if the results are unrightful.
  • No negative emotions. The creators will not know about the moderation or downvotes (unless their post really goes against the rules). And all voters will stay anonymous, so you can be assured that others will not know what you voted.
  • Fair and transparent. Making the right choice will result in the post/comment being deleted or modified. If the post was voted to be fine, the post will remain the same.

Cast your vote

We will ask you to read the post and then you can cast your vote.

Choose NO if you think the post or comment is completely fine

Choose YES if you think the post or comment goes against the conditions


View all your moderation requests

You can view all your pending moderation requests on https://yoo.rs/moderations .

  • Reason. The reason why the item was reported
  • Item. The item that has been reported.
  • Disagree: The amount of members that disagreed with the report
  • Agree: The amount of members that agreed with the report
  • Status. The current step that the moderation is going through
  • Rewards. The booster(s) that have been awarded to members who have made the correct choice.

Flag items that go against the rules and receive a reward

Starting today, we expect everyone to make the right decision while reporting a post or comment that genuinely is breaking the rules. If you are unsure if this is the case or not, visit https://yoo.rs/conditions to review the Terms & Conditions once again. You have to choose a legit reason. We are talking here about wrongful content, not content that you simply dislike.

When an item is reported the following steps will happen:

  1. A moderation request is sent to a vast amount of random Yoors members
  2. These Yoors Members cast their vote.
  3. At the end we count the amount of votes against and amount of votes pro.
  4. If there is a significant amount of members that voted that the post should be deleted or modified, then this will happen. The moderation will be APPROVED.
  5. If there is a significant amount of members that votes that the post is fine, nothing will happen. The moderation will be DENIED.
  6. All the members who have made the correct decision, including the initial reporter, will receive a reward (Booster of 1000 YP). This to encourage you to take the right decision for the Yoors platform, not for own personal gain or benefits.

All moderators can use the Yoors Community Guidelines to review each moderation request. Visit the guidelines by clicking here:

Any questions? Kindly browse to https://yoo.rs/contact  to find the contact details of the Yoors Team. Thank you for using Yoors!

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