Moderations is a new tool in yoors which is a nice step from yoors team to remove scams,sexual contents and spams to make yoors more friendly.

This tool is similar to voting system. The post is forwarded to few random yoors users to cast their vote on the post. A new dialogue box will appear with the post when you open yoors and you can vote either yes or no to the question of either the post is scam,spams or sexually offensive posts.

This random votes will reduce any targeted attacks on yoors and is a effective way to remove bad posts. You can get some boosters for your vote and it is win-win for everybody.

If you wanna know about which posts are on moderations follow steps below:

•Click on the three horizontal lines menu bar.

•Click on the 'Moderations button'

•You will see different posts with their voting percentage.

•Click on any one of the post and cast your vote if you could or want to.

The main thing here is as a yoors member be responsible with your posts. Keep writing and sharing and in the meantime have fun.

If you want to read more about moderations from the yoors team,Click on the link below: