Monica 11 years now plays on youth violin by Jaap van Zweden

Monica (11) from Leerorkest now plays on youth violin by Jaap van Zweden

Monica (11) from Amsterdam-Noord gets a new violin to borrow, and not just a violin. She will play on the youth violin of conductor Jaap van Zweden. The violin will be officially handed over 25 November. Right now it is so important that children can make music, have something to be fully immersed in and keep dreaming of beautiful concerts. The Instrumentendepot of the Leerorkest lends free instruments to children from families with a narrow scholarship. This is done in collaboration with the Youth Cultural Fund Amsterdam and the Youth Fund Sport & Culture.


Monica (11) is fond of playing violin and has been participating in the Leerorkest for 3 years. Last year Monica played with her Learning Orchestra Quartet at a classical music festival. That was very special! Monica was born in the Netherlands but her parents come from Iraq, Mosul, an area full of war violence. She has two sisters she often takes under her care. Her music lesson is paid for by the Youth Cultural Fund of Amsterdam. And she borrows her violin from the Learning Orchestra for free.

Now Monica has been chosen for a very special violin: the youth violin of Jaap van Sweden, the world famous Dutch conductor. On this violin he won great prizes as a child. She gets to borrow the violin to practice at home and for performances with the Leerorkest. Monica is in grade 8 of elementary school. Her parents are very proud that she now gets the violin of Jaap van Zweden to develop herself.

On Wednesday 25 November at 14.30 pm Monica will officially be handed over the violin at the Instrumentendepot of the Leerorkest, in the ironing studio. On Thursday 26 November at 14.30, Monica will take the first lesson on her special violin at her violin group of the Leerorkest at school.

When Jaap van Zweden donated his violin for the Instrumentendepot Leerorkest, at the action Classical Gast of NPO Radio 4, he told about it on the radio. The beautiful video of that is on Youtube:

Monica played on 25 January this year in the Muziekgebouw for the opening of the String Quartet Biennale:

Children who play at the Leerorkest are more likely to have a special instrument. Queen Máxima donated the Amalia violin to the Learning Orchestra.

The picture below is from a year ago, Monica still plays on her regular violin (photographer Greta Mouse). Next week she will play for the first time on the violin of Jaap van Zweden.