The unrealistic present, and the flight to the fun past!
Often memories are like a diamond, a kind of nutrient to survive!
And some encounters are like golden rays of sunshine that will permanently warm your soul.
Like my meeting with “Moon, “a little rebellious girl, though she had more boyish cures.
She was driving a motorcycle, and despite her female face, she didn't care to take her tipsy head to face a guy!
Because she could also bite beer like a boat worker!
Back then, the two of us together, we were not a couple, it was like brother and sister, twin souls, perhaps her way of life drew my attention at the time, her sometimes wild fuss, and spontaneity!
Funny thing was... Moon wasn't Moon, but actually Deborah.
That was the name her parents gave her, but Deborah, even like me, loved the nocturnal life!
Back then, during a night ride, we put the engines down somewhere, and we got to talk about everything and everything.
That night Moon became Moon.
Jokingly, I said...” Your wild hair sparkle beautiful in the moonlight”
“I'm going to call you moonlight” and she laughed, looked at me playfully as always and said "Okay cute weirdo of mine”...
Yeah, well, we were talking to each other like a couple in love back then, and that when we were basically brother and sister, both of different parents.
Separate how you can sometimes have a deep friendship bond with a person who takes more or less the same thoughts that plague your own brain.
Memories... later each one goes his or her own way, and a memory is put in a braindrawer, secured forever.
Many years later I walk in a strange city... stupid coincidence, just a little stroll, a break from yet another loner ride on the motorcycle.
Looking around me I heard, when I still had reasonable ears a “hi” with a familiar giggling smile.. and I recognized that smile, only I didn't know what about!
You know it... you hear something, like some kind of dejavu, and then you start thinking... what it looks like, why the sound or whatever keeps your mind so busy!
I decided to stay a little behind her, after all.. my hike was just like the many trips with the motorcycle to nothing... without a real purpose.
Someone who recognized her greeted her with her name, which she answered happily with a 'hi' again!
That name... that little voice...
She slowed her pass... looking out...
I just once again...
“Moon is you”...?
The wild head of hair turned, her eyes looked at me...
A little hesitation...
questioning, she said...”Seriously... is that you”?
and I, pleasantly surprised...”Moon”!
She flew me around my neck and said...
“Oh, my God, nice crazy man of mine”!
Years not seen each other, both in their 50s, recognizing each other by the familiar voice of yesteryear, which does not really age seems to be.
She looked at me with her as she is known, playful eyes... flirting, and yes... I flirted back, because just like then, she felt safe to do that without trepidation.
“What are you doing here” she asked
“Well, nothing, with a stupid coincidence run into my twin sister” I told her.
“But there must be a reason why you're here,” said Moon.
“Maybe fate wanted me to meet you again, Moon, I have no idea”.
“I was blowing off... a ride to the middle of nowhere, the unknown, a little thinking about everything and everything... losing yourself a little, but finding myself again because I run into you stupid by chance, because you and I are one, are almost the same... maybe it is.”
Her eyes sparkled and the beginning wrinkles on her beautiful face laughed.
“Nothing changes, you cute freak.. always profound, but actually you're right, if you lost yourself for whatever reason, it's good to 'meet yourself' she said.
Even the philosophy between us had not changed!
Both older, both settled, but thanks to my soul mate Moon I learned through the many thinking, brainwaves and quiet moments what the true value is in this life, no matter how hectic it may be!
We promised to meet again, where and when we both don't know... already eight years ago.
We don't need phone numbers, go with the flow, and good memories can't stand a phone call!
Owja... the only thing that had changed in Moon was that she didn't drive a motorcycle at the time, and I, at the time of writing years later, didn't!
The unrealistic present, and the flight to the fun past!
That's all it takes!
And Moon?
Have every confidence that I'll ever meet her again, here on this earth or somewhere in the mysterious where, like Moon and I, there's no real sense of time.

#maanlicht #moonlight