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Speaking of faith

Follow-up story Kalle en Pietje, part 89

There will be more conversations about her faith with other fellow prisoners.. God doesn't grow grass on it, Pietje thinks. She radiates from ear to ear, while sharing her testimony in different ways.

Actually, she realizes, I don't even know what to do if people want to say yes to God. If faith suddenly appeals to the others, how can it lead them - as it is called - to convert? That's why she prays for revelation, books and the right words.

Deep in her heart, she immediately experiences that God repeats the words of Jeremiah 1: I give you the words you have to say .

She turns red with shame, when she discovers this repetition. I am already lacking trust, she asks herself. With which the hair so familiar worm of rejection again rises its head.

The new word for this new month is bookworm . A special word in the @140woorden challenge.

As previously reported, the young lady in the picture stands only model for Pietje. She has no criminal history. This is and will remain a fictitious story...


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