More than 1.5 million “free” vital workers are at great risk or not?

Vital professions together more than 1.5 million people

40000police people
1.3million people working in the care
160,000(basic education) teachers
28,000firefighters and women

So over 1.5 million NLs are at risk? Danger to own life!! Or not?

They all come into contact with you, for they don't have a 1.5-meter rule. In most cases they do not use a mouthcap etc. They sit together in Cars, together in consulting rooms and together in canteens. Usually not at a distance from each other. They didn't get sick!

But a.o.350,000catering staff pose a major threat to our Covid society? This simple reasoning should provide sufficient insight into these fake measures. It has long been clear that the political agenda is leading and not our public health!

But being a hairdresser is not a vital profession... no, it's true, but they're back at work and they're definitely getting in touch with you.
Don't you miss some professions? Yes, very sure! But 1.5 million people is enough to make a clear point! 1.5 million people that is a sloppy 8% of our society. But that 8% comes in contact with a lot more people than the remaining 92%. How many customers does a hairdresser have, how many mouths does the dentist get under his nose?

How many children cough Aerosols (micro-drops) from which continue to float around in the classroom for a long time? Then the teacher goes home to his/her family. Shopping is done, one goes to the dentist, one goes to the hairdresser and soon again to the Efteling. Then one is held standing. Shit... speeding. Police officer wants to see the driver's license. Don't keep your distance. (no, they really don't! just look around you)... but good. I think it's clear where this is going.

Aerosols??? Watty? Watch the video below!

Science! Not some kind of theory sucked out of the thumb!

Super deadly virus!!!!!!! Right??

That 8% how many of those people have died?? Seriously, because we applauded our caregivers! Because risks were so big right? People working at our public transport are concerned about their health.. Dentists themselves chose to temporarily shut down their work. Hairdressers had to close but allowed again. The emergency services, quite vital and come into contact with many more people. But for them no restrictions? No measures against the killer virus. They can get infected and take that infection with them to their families or immediately make their colleagues sick. But there are no worries about that???

That raises a number of questions! Or actually it just confirmed a lot!!

A number of theorems:
1) The virus is not so contagious at all
2) The virus is therefore also so deadly not
3) Hairdressers have a better immune system than waitresses
4) Teachers are all single because they do not spread the virus?
5) You are not allowed to enter the school as parents, but your nose toddler does go neatly with 15 children in a poorly ventilated room.
6) Those nose killers just go home again
7) The dentist should have gone through because that would never have been risky?
8) Amusement parks themselves chose to close,... but in an attraction the virus flees before it can pass to another person?
9) A mouth mask does not work.. makes no sense at all. So RIVM but he waits.. well to put on a mouth mask in public transport... logical right?
10) At home, even in your own garden, someone may fine you for not complying with 1.5 meters and the number of people... but in a bus, classroom, waiting room, garden center, hardware store, supermarket... What makes sense about that?

I can make a list of hundreds of these contradictory statements. And number you'll be able to laugh away. And a large group will probably still be guided by fear. But maybe that's your biggest enemy, too? That not what gets the most attention is the fear. The one that was preached most was fear!! None of them could happen. But will you tell me something... I think they've known for quite a while that it's not all that dangerous;) Because would you really want to put more than 1.5 million people at risk? 1.5 million people who, on average, could infect 3 to 5 people in their private lives? Ff apart from the number of people they could infect within their vital profession.. Because if you are going to count with that then we have already three times come to group immunity.

Or wait... yes, we are well past that phase! Then why still in a soft intelligent lock-down? Why not that waitress at work? Why 1.5 meters while aerosols linger for so long in especially closed spaces?? And now that we know that we can realize that no hundreds of thousands of people have died of the killer virus!??

What the f*ck is the reason for lock-downs and 1.5 meters?

What was the reason for 1.5 meters and lockdowns all this time?? When you look at all the figures we have in the meantime and all the different risks that were taken consciously. Why then all these measures?? The next step should be to investigate institutions such as WHO and RIVM! That we're actually going to the core. That it is made public why, against better knowledge, this 1.5 meter society is forced upon us! How intelligent is our lock-down? See what happened to our economy. See what the inhumane effect is on single and especially elderly people. What's going on in the nursing homes? How many problems have arisen in families... What about the numbers on assault but also suicide?

The fear, the worries, the distance between people, the separation of the elderly... what consequences do all these restrictions of freedom have on our society? Now and in the longer term?? What is the real reason for the measures?

Thank you RIVM/WHO?

They were wrong... and that's it?? Back to normal soon? Yeah, right? No! not so! The emergency law is already pretty much through, and governments around the world continue to proclaim fear. Then why? Does anyone have an unambiguous answer to that? Again! What's the reason for the 1.5 meters? What is the reason for all these measures? Why does there need to be a global vaccine that could also be imposed?
Is it illogical to ask yourself what agenda is behind the “new normal”? Are you suddenly a conspiracy thinker? No, you're looking at facts, figures and what's actually happening in society. What all this does to yourself! The freedom that is being curtailed! The technocratic dictatorial society in which we ended up. A small step away from a totalitarian regime!?

Going further on your own research? Then look at what names are connected. Who finances which organization and also look at statements made by these people over the past say 2 to 5 years. Are we going to put our destiny in the hands of a few richest in the world? Or will there be room for scientists doing independent research?? Are we going to do something with the knowledge about the aerosols or do we choose to let the fear virus determine how we live?