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Most Popular Bands In The 80's - C

Most Popular Bands In The 80's


The most famous bands of the 80s with the letter C brings us today to fun, diverse bands with different musical styles that were active during those years. From ballads by Chicago and the Commodores to political songs by The Clash and new wave music by The Cure. It was music with a capital C.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the American rock band The Cars came up with several songs. The song Drive became one of the most famous songs and was released in 1984, but became more famous during their performance at Live Aid in 1985. In the Netherlands the song was also on the hit list and also the song You Might Think.

This originally cover band called Big Thing from America came into being at the end of the 60s. In the beginning, their musical style was mainly rock, but later that changed and they started writing their own songs, including ballads. The name Big Thing also changed in Chicago in 1968 when they signed a contract with record company Columbia. A ballad like If You Leave Me Now scored high in the charts in the 70s. The band had quite some expansion of musicians over the years. In the 80s, the song Hard To Say I'm Sorry followed by the song You're The Inspiration were both hits. They made many albums, as many as 33. Last album was released in 2014.

In 1976, the British punk group The Clash was formed. Apart from punk, more styles can be heard in the music they make, such as ska, jazz, hard rock. They belong to one of the most important punk groups in music history and stood out with their political songs like Know Your Rights and Rock The Casbah and more.

They made music until 1985. Especially the song London Calling at the end of the 70s went all over the world and became a huge success. In the Netherlands they really broke through in 1981 with the song Magnificent Seven and Rock The Casbah in 1982.

Cock Robin, a rock/pop group from America became known in Europe in the 80s when songs like The Promise You Made appeared on MTV. The group was formed in 1984 and in 1986 they scored some hits which were well listened to in European countries. In the Netherlands, they also appeared in the music programme Toppop and at the music festival Pinkpop.

A few students formed a music group called Commodores in 1968. They played mostly soul and funk.

They scored many hits in the 70s and 80s. Famous hits were Nightshift, Easy, Three Times A Lady. But in addition to soul and funk, there was also room for other musical styles, including ballad songs such as Sweet Love and Just to Be Close to You, which proved to be successful and therefore scored high. However, the success of ballads for the Commodores declined and in 1982 Lionel Richie decided to leave the group and start a solo career with ballads. He had a successful career. The music style of the Commodores in the 80s changed a bit more from soul and funk to electronic and pop.

Crowded House, a band from Australia was formed in 1985. The band consisted of three members, including Neil Finn, Paul Hester and Nick Seymour. The first album was released in 1986 and the song Don't Dream It's Over became a hit in 1987. In 1988, their second album was released and some of the songs became hits as well like Into Temptation.

A British pop group from the 1980s called Culture Club became successful with lead singer Boy George. They had attracted attention in the music industry with the song Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and until 1984 they scored one hit after another. Especially the song Karma Chameleon scored a number 1 hit in many countries.

New wave band The Cure was formed in 1978 with frontman and lead singer Robert Smith.

In 1980, the band's breakthrough came with the album Seventeen Seconds with the song A Forest, which became a big hit in various countries. Many hits followed, including Let's Go To Bed, The Walk, Lovecats and Lullaby.

The British band Cutting Crew had a famous hit in the 80s, I Just Died In Your Arms, which was released in 1986. After that they released a few more singles, but did not become as big as the song I Just Died In Your Arms. In 2007 the song was sampled by the singer Mika who released the title track Relax, Take It Easy.

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