Most Popular Bands In The 80's - D Z

Most Popular Bands In The 80's - D

Most Popular Bands In The 80's


Today, let's take a look at the most famous bands with the letter D from the 80s! They were all interesting bands with a lot of new wave music. One of the leaders of new wave at that time was the band Duran Duran. We also saw many variations in music styles like ska, punk, reggae with the Dutch band Doe Maar and the Dexy's Midnight Runners had a mix of folk, new wave and then we had soul and R&B with the group DeBarge and then we went to Def Leppard who made hard rock and metal music. In short, a nice variation of music styles. Look and listen to the beautiful hits of the past! 

This American group consisted of the De Barge family who were founded in 1979 and were active until 1989. The most popular hit was the song Rhythm of the Night. Music style: soul, pop, funk, r&b

The British rockband Def Leppard is one of the famoust rockbands of the 80's. They were also been seen as one of the founding fathers and leaders of new wave of British metal. They were inspired by the rock and heavy metal band AC/DC. Most popular songs are Animal, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Love Bites.

This British band of the 80's makes electronic music called synthpop. Famous hits were Just Can't Get Enough, Enjoy The Silcence, People Are People. They made a lot of musichits in the 80's . Also in the 90's till 2017.  The last album Spirit released at 2017.

This British rockband the Dire Straits were set up in London in 1977. They make music from 1977 till 1988 and again from 1990 till 1995. In the 80s they have very successfull songs like Romeo and Juliet, Private Investigations, Walk of Life, Money for Nothing, Brothers in Arms. They won several prizes, like 4 times a Grammy Award and more awards like the MTV Award. They sell a lot of musicalbums all over the world and they are one of the best selling artists.

De Dijk is a Dutch rockband who set up in 1981. Their musicstyle is with different styles, like blues, rock 'n roll, soul. Famous hits of the 80's were Mag het licht uit, Bloedend Hart, Binnen zonder kloppen and more. 

Doe Maar was a famous Dutch popgroup in the 80's.
They had the musicstyle Nederpop, like the style reggae, ska and punk in their songs.  They were very successfull in that time mostly by the teenage girls. In 1982 Doe Maar break through with the song Doris Day.

Duran Duran is a British new wave band who was set up in 1978. They had many hits in the 80s, like The Reflex, A View To Kill ( James Bond movie ), Notorious, Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf. They sold many albums and they become one of the best selling music artists in the world.


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