Mother's Day gift butterfly paste paints

The children in the 2nd grade made a nice painting for Mother's Day.

Kathleen Deweaver "s class made cheerful butterflies.

She came across the idea at Pinterest and that was her inspiration for Mother's Day with her class!

What do you need?

- butterfly paste

- stick/acrylic paint

- canvas

- paper and markers for card Mother's Day

How do you make it?

1. Children paint the butterfly paste in beautiful colors. Of course, you can alternate a bit in the area.

2. The paste must dry well

3. Paste the butterflies with cuddly glue on the canvas


A black marker makes a butterfly dotted movement lines

5, or you make all stems with a marker, so you can stick the butterflies on it.

6. All work can now be packed as a gift.

7. But, of course, there must be no card missing for the sweetest mother.

You can find the template of the butterfly card here

And here you will find the verse for Mother's Day

Sent by Tamara Schokker: Yesterday I together with my daughter (

5 years) painted the butterflies and let them dry for a night. Today we stuck them on a map. The card is for her best friend 😊

 Nice tip: Use Metallic paint

Click here


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