Mr. Time.

It's all going fast. We do not have a #detijd to give enough thought to something. Or does it seem like that? Don't we give ourselves that little bit of realization?

I/we are all (okay most I estimate) working on survival instead of living. I also often get the comment 'what do you do a lot... 'or they ask 'where do you get the time?'

Yeah, I don't really know, but I know what I do really like and get energy from it. I'm trying to divide it into parts of the day or days.

My two handsome, sweet daughters put me on the floor every now and then. Because sometimes (nowadays often) I see you, I hear them say something and the man comes with the sledgehammer and comes to the realization 'what time is fast! '

That's why I try to live every day and tomorrow we'll see, but especially yesterday. Making beautiful moments today. And if it's a hard day, something that's quite common, I'm looking for the beautiful moments!

Good day, dear people.