Mushrooms splendor

It's been a while since I posted a message here. The crowds kept me busy.
Meanwhile we have again the #herfst . The leaves falling off the trees. The creaking under your feet of acorns, while walking. Do not forget the smell of the leaves. The beautiful #paddenstoelen that you see all around you. I can't get enough of that, and I really look around me consciously. #Mindfull I say I walk sometimes. I'm looking for mushrooms and I can't stop taking pictures. Nature is such a powerful thing. Nature does what it wants. Nature is pure. Not with your thoughts at the corona thing. What the “these days “is all about. Just briefly turn off all day things, said also the negativity. That's not in my nature to deal with the negativity anyway. While the whole world is busy with the corona, where people are still irritated than otherwise towards each other, I prefer to take a fresh breath into nature. Especially the forest is now beautiful to walk through. To look at the kind of trees you have. What they leave behind because of the strong winds. And then the mushrooms. I ran into some I've never seen before. And that's what I find special about this, so many different mushrooms, here and there.
Give me that piece of nature and I'll be the luckiest person.