Casa Bernardo: by Claudio Spieler & Phil Rehm

On the 1st video @Claudio Spieler and I play as song called "Casa Bernardo". The song is from the 2003 album "Cositas Buenas“ from the world famous flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía. On bass played: Alain Pérez.
On the original song the bass player just plays bass. So to make it musically more interesting for us two, I included the guitar melody and chords in this arrangement.

The groove is called Rumba and I worked out a bass part that combines melody, guitar parts and bass lines. Claudio brought this song up, because he is very involved and known in the flamenco scene and an amazing percussionist.

The 2nd video we made in the first Corona Lockdown last year. When we weren't able to visit each other. And we recorded separately in our grooves.

Hope you enjoy the music. We sure enjoyed playing it😁.

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