Music Llanera Reynaldo Armas

Responding again to the call of @Henkjan by Krijger and thanking our beloved country Venezuela for the special attention of our beloved country with its promoters, I would like to share with you on this occasion the cultural richness of our llanera music in the hands of one of its most prolific exponent: Reynaldo Armas el Cardenalito.

Reynaldo Armas Enguaima is a singer-songwriter with a vast number of compositions devoted to different themes, his lyrics full of poetry, contain deep contents in a masterfully approached way, where he exalts our land, love, woman, being; his compositions are famous: Laguna Vieja, My friend the way, to you, the fourth of memories, and for me one of his greatest hits the death of Rucio Moro song full of strength and feeling.

His credit has more than 3600 compositions, most of which have been successes, also enjoys prizes and recognitions at national and international levels, but more than that, he has won the respect, fidelity and admiration of his audience who has given him the nickname of the N.1 of the cantata creole and looks forward to his new music productions.