Phil's Bass Stream -live- at Thuispop 28 august


Checkout my next Livestream concert:
Friday august 28 20:30 CET at THUISPOP.NL'
It's a great dutch streaming event with several bands and it means "AT-HOME-POP". I'll be playing my music again with bass & electronics. Don't miss it! Trailer and ticket links below in this post.

Thuispop (Thuis=at home) 

Offers events from the comfort of your home. With their online platform they offer an interactive experience. The artists and crowd are able to see and interact with each other. Making this an intimate and personal encounter between audience and performer. And there’s more: in addition to hosting events they offer people the possibility to attend actual ‘offline’ concerts from basically anywhere in the world, as long as they’re online. 

For example: people in Seoul can visit a concert in Amsterdam or in Cape Town. Fans will be able to witness a live stand-up comedy act in Berlin. With an ever expanding selection of events and partners ranging from venues to TV studio’s to record labels, Thuispop is a dynamic platform offering content in all shapes and sizes.

The concerts take place in a virtual home, where in different rooms concerts are performed. You can buy tickets for a 1 room concert or when you want to see more, buy to see concerts in the whole house..
Ticket prices are 3,50 euro for 1 concert. And 7,50 euro to watch the whole online festival.

Ticket links you can find here below. The passe partout are the tickets for the whole festival.

Armoede Fonds (Poverty Fund)

All the benefits I receive from this concert go to the foundation “Armoede Fonds” (Poverty Fund). Armoede Fonds is a Dutch charity foundation that was established in 2013. A lot of Poverty is hidden, often it is something that people do not advertise and are ashamed of. If you know where to look, it is amazing how much poverty there is in the Netherlands and what the (social) consequences are.

Their goal is to combat the consequences of poverty, by providing financial support to local organizations. Organizations that are active in the field of poverty reduction in the Netherlands. Armoede Fonds believes in the power of local organizations that know the individual's personal situation and tailor aid according to the needs. Organizations and projects that the ArmoedeFonds support are including Food Banks, through out the Netherlands and many other needed organizations. For more info you can check their website.

I hope to see you guys on the 28 of August 20:30 Amsterdam time (2:30 PM EDT). Save the date :)

Below you can watch the trailer and listen to some of the music. I hope you will enjoy.