rules 23 September 2020 *
When do I win?
  • Your post needs to reach a minimum of 10 votes today.
  • Your post needs to get the most votes today
  • There needs to be a minimum of 2 unique players today in this specific pool.
How much YP do I win?
10% of the pool (0.10 X amount YP in pool)

  • You get cumulative boosters of 10 YP with each vote
  • The first vote today will give you 10 YP, the second 20 YP, the third 30 YP and so on
  • The boosters reset each day at 22:00 GMT
  • You will only receive boosters when there is enough YP in the pool

General rules
  • Fairshare Rewards will be disabled for posts in a pool contest
  • Participating costs 100 YP per day per pool
  • The content that you post needs to be about the subject of the pool. For example: everything regarding nature should be posted in #nature.
  • Please do not post content that is not yours without permission. All posts should be original content.
* These rules may differ per pool and also per day.

~ Sines and Singularities ~

Bluetech's Sines and Singularities on Youtube:

  #music#downtempo#elektronic#dub#idm (intelligent dance music) #ambient 
Bluetech Real Name: Evan Marc Bartholomew Profile: The founder of the label Behind The Sky Music Evan Bluetech produces his unique style of digital downtempo from the West Coast of North America. Classically trained on the piano for public p...

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