Tevana - Garden of Play and Joy

TEVANA - garden of play and joy

Hi dear friends,

I’m new here on Yoors and I would like to share one of my favorite music projects named TEVANA with you. Tevana is the word for „garden of play and joy“ in the ancient language Sanskrit. My longtime friend Ingvo and I started this duo in 2009. In our tevana garden we enjoy making music extremely enthusiastically and playfully. We performed in Havana and Vienna with our wonderful friend, the marvelous flamenco dancer Karen Lugo from Mexico.

Powerful grooves and colorful soundscapes is our brand as a duo. Our repertoire includes a great variety of different styles like Jazz, Pop, Fusion and World Music. Smooth and mystic harmonics are followed by challenging rhythmic structures and ecstatic finals. With virtuous improvisations and innovative compositions, piano and percussion join each other and promise a breathtaking concert atmosphere.

Here is a short trailer of our program.

I hope you like it!

Yoors truly, Claudio