Video: Konnakol & Bass Session from Home

Konnakol & Bass session from home

@Phil Rehm - Bass | Claudio Spieler - Konnakol

Philipp and I both had the great pleasure to do a tour with the amazing singer @Tania Kross. Philipp was on tour with Tania in the production „From Mozart till Madonna“ in 2019 and I performed in Tania´s opera and flamenco crossover production „Carmen“. One night during the Carmen-tour Philipp and I met backstage and shared some musical ideas. Philipp told me about his soon to be published bass instructional book and we were fascinated about our similar approaches to rhythmic structures and groove concepts. It was clear that we had to meet again. Our first jam session in Utrecht took place soon after and many continuing rehearsals and good coffee times followed.

Currently we are working on our duo repertoire and we are preparing our first show at the drum and bass festival in Dresden in September.

Our very first musical piece was based on two ideas: the ancient rhythm language konnakol and virtuosic and funky bass slapping. Because of the current situation we haven’t had the chance to record our compositions in the same room yet. But as Herbie Hancock said „Music brings us together even when we’re apart.“ So here is our first recording session from our living rooms.

Konnakol - the universal rhythm language
Konnakol has established itself to a universal rhythm language. It enhances our feel for time, pulse and groove and enables us to vocalise and memorise rhythmic phrases of high complexity. Musicians and dancers all over the world use konnakol to share musical ideas. One doesn't even need a musical instrument to practice or perform konnakol. You can practically recite the syllables anywhere - on the train, walking in the park or backstage during a flamenco-opera-production.
Please let me know if you would like to get a deeper insight into this wonderful rhythm language from India.
But for now please enjoy our short and groovy Konnakol and Bass session!