Musical youth memories

Even before you're born, you're dealing with music. Your mother listens, with you in her belly, to the radio, watches music shows, plays pictures, dances and sings. Babies, of course, react to that. We all know that. After birth, the music and the singing and dancing continues and even special baby songs are added. We used to play baby CDs at home and in the car with nice rhythmic sounds. That makes you happy yourself as a parent!

Special music programs on TV for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are great for your child. The Teletubbies, Sesame Street and many more, I don't really know them that well anymore. But music is really impossible to think away from the development of your child. And it's super important! With music on radio and TV, they grow up. And let's not forget the parties, performances, musicals, school songs, barrel organs on the street, the carousel with music, etc.

There are also a lot of toys that make music sounds. Simple musical instruments, but also real toys to play with, where fun sounds and music come from. With pushing or pulling, with or without batteries, but they are there! Actually, a lot even!


Shall we pick up some musical play memories? What musical toys did you have? Did you have any toys where you heard songs or tunes?

Below is a list that I can come up with right now, but of course it is not complete. There are an infinite number of toys to come up with that sound comes out.


  • Cuddly toy with drawstring. We ourselves had a rabbit, if you pull the cord, he plays a lullaby. Often also hung over the crib. We also had an apple, I remember.
  • The bromtoll, known for many years! Who doesn't know him? Press the button and the toll will spin and give a humming sound! Often also with nice lights and with nice pictures.
  • The music box. When you open the box, a ballerina often pops out and dances around to the music
  • The rattle, in many shapes and sizes, they all rattle.
  • The beepbug, squeeze it and it squeaks
  • The howling cow. Turn it around and you can hear the cow howling
  • The moped on a rope. The elders among will know him. Swag him around and you'll get a buzzing sound. Don't swing your fingers
  • The drumming rabbit on wheels. Pull it along and the rabbit drums. For a long time we had a pink drumming rabbit from Duracell. (Yes, that was on batteries:)
  • The tin woodpecker. A bird on a stick was making tokkende noises when it comes down.
  • The marble court with bells


By the way, do you know the music caps in the showcase that used to be at the department store the Vth? you had to put a coin in it (then another quarter I think) and then the monkeys started playing. So nice! Wondering what they looked like? Then you can read below in the blog of @Dewaputra See the monkeys! It would be nice, if there were still live images of it, that's really youth sentiment!

Searched on YouTube and warempel! A bit of a short video, but still! Delicious anyway!

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