My Challenge with Watercolour: Day 6

Yesterday was day 6 of my challenge with watercolor, but also a challenge in many other areas. Sometimes you have such a day, that nothing seems to want and yesterday it was such a day for me. My body that did not want to cooperate, a high level of stress after calling agencies and then also frustrated for a challenge with watercolor, which I imposed on myself.

Yesterday's goal was to paint a squirrel, but now a little bigger than I had done earlier this week. Squirrels are really my favorite animals. Only I didn't have enough rest in me to make a sense of it. I started to frustrate myself about the material, because I didn't get the fur the way I wanted. I yearned for my pencils and went to hunt myself down and.... It seemed my work would end up in the trash early.

A little voice in my head reminded me of my intentions early. So he stayed neatly on the table. I went through for a while and looked at it this morning. Unfortunately, peace and satisfaction is not going to bring me. On to today's project. Although the inner peace around the painting has not yet completely returned.