My evening routine and tips.

We all have it, one longer than the other and each in its own way. Men are different from women, but it's something very important. The girls/women among us probably know all that makeup on your face all day, it's not good. But how do you take this off, do you do this before you go to sleep or postpone it until the next morning? What else do you all do before bedtime? I'm going to tell you my routine here. First I start with a few tips that help me keep my skin healthy and give me a good night's sleep.

1. Try to shower in the evening, it gives you peace and often you get tired of it. (Don't take a cold shower because you're ready to wake up)

2. Take off your makeup before you shower, then remove the leftovers.

3. Try not to wear too much makeup. Your skin also needs the vitamins of the sun, with that layer of makeup it is quite tricky.

4. SSRub 1 to 2 times a week your face, arms and legs you remove the dead cells with this so there is room for a new layer. (You have for your face a special scrub do not do this with ordinary, this is a lot more coarser so you damage your skin in your face very much with it.

5. Use masks, do not do this too often on most products says how often you can use them. (buy tubes instead of loose masks this is much cheaper, try them first!)

6. Give your skin plenty of rest and oxygen must also be provided and this cannot be done if you have 100more layers on it.

7. Protect your hold well from the sun, even if you do not burn quickly, it will destroy your skin.

8. Also use masks for your hair which also have a lot to lead.

9. Do not wash your hair too much and too often it is often shiny but it also makes it die faster.

10. Know what is good for your own skin, so know what kind of skin you have and tune your products to it.

To all the tips I've given now I'll just start a my routine!

- I start my evening relaxing on the couch from the rest of the day.

- When I sit for a while, I go upstairs and take my makeup off.

- I'll pack my stuff I need to shower.

- In the shower I wash my hair (usually 3 times a week of which 2 times with a mask.

- 2 times a week I scrub my whole body.

- Also I have a mask for my face that can be used in the shower.

- I'm going to wash my own and have my mask/conditioner retracted.

- I wash my hair off and rinse myself completely with lukewarm water.

- I dry my hair a little and wrap it in a towel..

- I smear myself with a body lotion and let this soak in as well.

I usually put on my pajamas and go downstairs.

- I'm just looking at social media and, of course, yoors.

Then I'll have a drink and I'll get melatonin.

- I walk upstairs to brush my teeth.

- I'm gonna smear my face with a night ceme.

- Make me her anti-kite and put it in one or two braids.

- Then I look at my phone while I'm in bed and it's time to go to sleep.

This is what I do in the evening to take care of myself but remember also for men it's good to take care of you. I also sometimes don't feel like doing this at all but hey I'm not a barbie doll haha.

I hope my tips help you! Do you know anything you need to add or do you do it completely else let me know?


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Digital Art illustration tutorial
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