It’s with great joy that I received my first payment on Yoors.
2 months ago I came across Yoors on facebook and I decided to give it a try. I was a beginner writer and the possibility of making money from my content obviously appealed to me. So I decided to give it a try and signed up to the amazing platform.
Apart from the monetary gain, I have learned alot from the many posts I’ve been reading here. And the joy of people reading and appreciating my content is of great satisfaction as a writer. It motivates me to improve.
Thumbs up to Yoors boss @Henkjan de Krijger and the entire team for the good job you are doing.
To the newbies I encourage you to put in the effort, it will eventually pay off.
I’m very grateful to all of you for your support. Lets continue supporting each other and take Yoors to greater heights.
God bless you all.


My First Yoors Payment