My Grandparents

these are my grandparents  

They are my grandparents from my dad, they have told me many stories about them, such as the delicious meals my grandmother prepared and the scolding they took since little, unfortunately my grandfather died when I was very young and I have almost no memory of him, on the other hand of my grandmother I have more memories although I don't have any memories of them enough as I would like. I would have loved to be able to know them more, share with them many of my achievements and my growth, but thanks to all those stories they tell me I can get to know them a little and carry them in my heart.

That is why it is important to share with the family, enjoy all those people close to us, make the moments as if it were the last, let's live happy, grateful to everything and everyone, is what I want to convey to you today

Anne Villalobos

Yoors Blogger