My idea about a “Stop paedophilia group “


I got an invitation on Facebook to join a group that stands up against paedophilia. The person who invited me is Christian. The group didn't seem to be Christian to me.

I refused the invitation to that group and indicated that I cannot be invited by other Members.

Respect, but for whom?

The line of thought is good in itself. Paedophilia is terrible and destroys human lives. However, for various reasons I could not identify myself with that group. It was clear that this is not a Christian group.

Now, as a professing Christian, this does not have to be a problem in itself, but I do have some additional wishes before I decide to join such a group. An important requirement is that behaves correctly - Yes. To me, not to justify unlawful conduct is an important requirement that must be met. Otherwise, I decide not to become a member of such a group.

I can't respect it when a woman kills someone who has abused her child or children.

I hate what she's been through in her life, and that her daughters have had to go through this, too, but that never makes murder good. We can't play our own judge.


I know; that woman has been through a lot, more than what I write here, even though she wrote about it herself and even wrote a book about it. I was shocked by the reactions to her message. A lot of people showed her their respect. It's so good that you killed that man, and it's so bad that you got 12 years in prison.

Own responsibility

She has taken a human life, and yes, he should have kept away from her children, but she also has a responsibility. Married several times to wrong men. Two children from two marriages and at the third marriage goes wrong, because a friend of her husband could not keep his hands at home.
She should have sought professional help for herself and her children. Just because it's an ongoing process of abuse, including from her own childhood. So even if it is understandable, taking the law into your own hands is unjustifiable.
That paedophile has destroyed human lives, but recovery is possible, however difficult it may be. If he is given the right guidance and accepts God's love by allowing Him his heart. With God, full recovery is possible, even in this situation.

Who's the judge?


We can't play our own judge. The government has received the monopoly of violence from God, and they too cannot simply kill all kinds of people at their own discretion. We must obey God and the government and not punish people ourselves.

Yes, pedophiles need to be stopped. Yes, they should be treated and punished if they go wrong. But that also applies to killers. They, too, must be punished, so I think it is quite right that this woman should go to jail, and no, I cannot respect her at all.

Not a member of 'Stop pedo group'

I would have said that clearly, and that is an additional reason why I did not become a member of that group. Discussion is not allowed and everyone's opinion must be respected.
I couldn't keep my mouth shut and say I can't respect the fact that you kill someone. Even though it's still so bad what he did and though the measure was overcrowded. It was the well-known straw that overran the cup, which allowed her to do her deed. She should have filed charges instead of taking the law into her own hands. Regardless of what would have been done with that report.

Solution to a problem such as paedophilia

There is a solution to this kind of problem and that is getting on your knees. In prayer to God and bring everything to Him. He wants to heal and free people. He wants murderers to become a good man and drug dealers evangelists, and that's what happens. Those stories are there - Yes. People who change completely by a touch of God.


That hope is for every human being. Whoever you are, whatever your past is, whatever you've been done to you, what you may have done to others, no matter how desperate you are, no matter how proud and proud you are, low-middle or highly educated. From Director to chimney sweep .

Whether you are white, brown, red or blue purple with black dots, wherever your cradle stood, whether you have religious background or not, Muslim or Christian, atheist or Jew and supplement it. And yes, also for that paedophile, also for that thief who steals wallets from old ladies and abuses them.

Also for you, good citizen reading this.

The gospel is sustainably paid with precious blood of the Lamb of God , Jesus Christ, but paid for every man. All we have to do is take the gift and unpack it.

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