I was born and raised in the heart of Chicago and grew up a very outgoing and active child. Always staying proactive, I ventured into a lot of different activities to show my talent. I was a part of the beta team in my early elementary school years. In high school, I joined a group called Focus that opened the door for mentoring and helping others at an early age. I was also a part of a CPS group called Harris Fellows, which helped develop pilot programs related to high school academics. As part of this group, I traveled to various schools, many of them outside of Illinois, to study student issues. Our objective was to gain a better understanding of how programs could be developed to best solve student needs.

I have frequently used my creativity to bring a lot of entrepreneurial ideas to life. I started a group called One Mic, an organization where friends, young adults, artists and older adults come to discuss their deepest and most inspirational ideas. Participants are free to express themselves both verbally and artistically.

I aspire to receive a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Chicago State University. My major is accounting. I want to become an entrepreneur so that I can take my many talents to the next level and take control of my economic future. My desire is to reach toward a higher standard and prove to myself that I have the talent and skills to realize my dreams, while also setting a positive example for those that come behind me.

My Life