My Life Right Now - Living With My Wife And A Kitten While Getting Paid To Rest

#iamnewhere I never thought in my life that I would reach this point at just 25 years old. I always had a vision that I would become successful, but damn, this is just beyond anything I have expected. So, as a first start, my name is Jurgen, (spell it right), and I am currently working as a freelance writer.

I have been blessed with many opportunities throughout these past days... so much, that I am still processing everything inside my brain. Anyway, isn't that how it goes? You focus on what truly matters in your life, after having been kicked down so many times, and then suddenly your life changes for good. Been there. Doing that. By the way, I mean that title literally. I have just moved in with my beautiful wife, who is also a writer like me.

How am I getting paid to rest? Well, I have different hourly contracts open and I am supposed to work 30 - 40 hours a week. That's work from home as a freelance writer. But, since I am pretty fast at my work, I finish everything beforehand and then spend the rest of the hours... resting.

And you can do the same. I will share how in the next post, so keep your eyes open.