As you know, makeup is every girl's best friend(for most of us) . We love makeup not because it makes us look pretty, rather we prefer to feel more presentable and lovable for our ownselves. And the happiness we feel whenever we are gifted or self-buy any makeup goodie is insane.

Today, is one of those luckiest day for me(no it's not my birthday or anniversary), as I was successful to add my favorite makeup products to my collection. It is a dream come true, as I had been saving to buy my makeup goodies for nearly an year.

There are some eyeshadow pallets, some blush, highlighters, contours and few lipsticks. I had been using my old makeup for 2 years without any addition. (some of products are expired or near to expiry) So, the upgrade was mandatory!!

Don't get me wrong but new makeup for me has to be much that I feel satisfied. So, buying in bulk is a better idea for me rather then one lipstick at a time. For this very reason I save money every month which is nearly 2% of my income so I can accomplish my dream.

Let me tell you, I have loved makeup since childhood or even before birth as you may say😂😂. And I will one day fulfill my dream to become a makeup artist. I have always dreamt to have my own makeup studio and nail bar. It would be the place aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, aiming to glam you up as per your imaginations.

My nail bar will have all the options especially, as per cool Gen z. Because I genuinely believe, if you are not up- to-date with the trend then you missing out on something major.

My newly bought makeup goodies❤️❤️

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